Where Faith is Renewed and Hope is Restored

At Pavilion of Hope, we believe in creating a sanctuary for all – a place where faith is strengthened, hope is kindled, and love is shared. Come, be a part of our mission to touch lives and spread God’s love.



We are excited you decided to visit us. We are one church, in multiple locations. Our mission is to cultivate the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional needs of all people; by spreading the liberating gospel of Jesus Christ through words and deeds; through fellowship, teaching, and training, through exercising the gifts bestowed upon the people, and through the practices and disciplines of the Word of God.

Kids Ministry

Pavilion of Hope is a family that loves families. With our vision to build relationships that cross-generational lines, we invest a huge part of our resources in impacting our kids and preparing them for the winning life ahead.

Find a Campus

Our churches are open to all. We invite you to join us this Sunday on any of our campuses close to you as we fellowship in love and receive all God has in store for us. 

Nezhra Project

We count it a great honor to build God a house. So we are excited to join our Bishop in responding to the call for Nehra Project.

Upcoming Events

All through the year, we have activities lined up for your spiritual, social, financial, or mental growth. Check out our calendar for the year, to find the event list.

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Interest Groups
Connect with others that share the same interest as you

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How Can We Pray for you

We believe in the power of prayers and we will like to agree with you in prayers as touching anything (Matthew 18 vs 19). So send us your prayer request today. We love you.